As a listener going into this, I must warn you; this is more glitchy than you’d expect from vaporwave. Its sounds are unlike anything I’ve ever heard before, in fact I don’t even think I can classify it as specifically vaporwave.

No folks, this is its own breed of sound. One that will define glitch music and plunderphonics but ultimately not vaporwave.

The first few minutes are a tripout with sample after sample colliding with each other and proving to be a beautiful mess of sonic clashes and trippy moments that will take you a short while to get used to. After that it’s all smooth sailing as you appreciate the sounds of “E Street” which is plunderphonics at its finest and most expressive.

Everything here sounds like EDM music turned up a notch, or if you’re a vaporwave fan the closest it can get is post-vaporwave. This is music made for dissecting, one where every note and every element is complex and intricate. You’ll be impressed by the amount of work put into the album as you listen to it; every track has its own style yet feels separate at the same time. This is due to the immense talent of which the artist has.

To make something like this takes lots of hard work and lots of tolerance and I can’t believe the artist has both of them. Either he learned it by himself or he had the talent in him or quite possibly he did/has both. I’m seriously blown away by the quality of this work, it’s hard to get into for some people sure but you can’t deny the quality that exists. Still, he made this hard to listen to so some people will be turned off by its content but still, it’s quite impressive he artistically expressed himself instead of following a crowd.

This album is worth listening to if you like music or you want something different. If you can’t get into it, at least you tried but this album is worth it for the quality alone and if you can get through it then you won’t be disappointed.


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