Computers have long been a part of vaporwave, especially vintage ones with those boxy monitor screens. This album has many of the qualities of a early vaporwave album; the cover, the sounds but this was released during the glory days of vaporwave when the genre had the same sound and didn’t have as many subgenres. So yeah, it’s an essential vaporwave album.

Unlike INTERNET CLUB and the like, this album doesn’t specifically feature 80s music; it does have a wide variation of samples from classical to oriental to even samples from Japanese television. The tracks here are short and much of it is looped samples made in a way to resemble computer thoughts through filtering and crunching, much of it is ambient with some tracks featuring a drum pattern in order to provide a different pace to it. There is no story but this does feel like if computers became sentient and could exhibit forms of life.

It’s certainly an interesting concept and it’s very different than much of vaporwave where it’s all about failed dreams, nostalgia and aesthetics. If you’re ever wondering why this album is a part of vaporwave history, it’s because of this concept. You can listen to this album, vibe out and all but this album makes you think and makes you wonder. This isn’t out of the realm of possibility; this album may become the soundtrack for which all sentient computers will listen to and enjoy and because it makes you think, it makes the album stand out from the rest past and present.

This album is good vibes throughout and though it has a lot of tracks, the tracks are short so it makes for a pleasing listen and leaves you with choices if you want to pick your favorite. Every track has variety and a different feel to it plus it isn’t the same old stuff. It’s familiar if you’ve listened to INTERNET CLUB yes but it’s totally different from INTERNET CLUB and showcases what can be done with the genre. If you want to experience something then this is something you should experience.


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