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The last time I reviewed KAHN 美的, I was impressed by the quality of work he put out for his “WaveStation EP”. This has encouraged me to dive through his discography and this is one of the first that isn’t an EP. Ladies and gentlemen, “CyberChild”.

The production here is like a refined version of “WaveStation EP”. There are more smoother sounds, there are more variations with the high hats and the soundscapes overall take different directions than expected. More risk is taken, this is a guy who feels more confident with his production skills and believes he can do anything he wants which leads to a more adventurous product.

There is more of that atmospheric grime that you’ve come to expect from KAHN 美的 and this time, it’s grimier than ever before. If “WaveStation EP” was a appetizer than this is the full meal as you get a fuller satisfaction from this product. There are many emotions being displayed here; loneliness, solitude, sadness. All of these emotions make up the core of this product and while they may be a part of vaporwave ethos, it’s done in a way that’s different.

This shows what KAHN 美的 can truly do once he realizes his full potential. Everything that he’s done, everything he’s ever worked on has led to this and it has also led to more projects as well. Everybody listening to this album will be hoping if the best is yet to come and in my opinion, it hasn’t. There is so much more left to go.

Rated 5/5


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