Fish, they’re cool to look at but what are they thinking about? That’s the question that has plagued mankind for generations and honestly, who knows. We don’t know what anybody else is thinking; we can only guess or imagine. This is what artist khoven has done for his/her release “LSD: Pacificaの夢”, apparently one of the first in a genre called “fishvapour” released by a label devoted to this newfound genre.

The atmosphere could best be described as being underwater and feeling as if you were a mermaid swimming around and the feeling of being surrounded in liquid and around liquid is one of the many themes this album has to offer alongside the circle of life and the feeling of being a fish. There is a story behind it due to the fact that many songs have differing tempos and vibes to them indicating success, failure or just something to move the story along; that alone is impressive considering the sound he/she is working with here.

If you ever played japanese games on a PS/PS2 or Dreamcast then you will feel oddly at home here. Everything is abstract but mellow at the same time which puts you in the mood instantly. The sound is slightly crunched to give it the impression that it’s being powered by audio hardware that drives only 12-bit audio which you’ll find amazing if you’re a gamer but for the casual listener, it really fits the fish theme pretty well. This isn’t 80s or retro but it does have an oddly asian feeling to it; it could feel like anywhere in the pacific coast which implies that khoven is not only aiming for fish, he’s aiming for the whole experience.

It’s not ambient all the way through, some tracks have fast paced drums that are as distorted and crunched as the ambient sounds beneath it. It makes for an interesting listen every time when mixed in with the ambient tracks and helps define it further within the music landscape. It’s not just ambient music as it’s portrayed to be, it’s an interesting sounding but oddly pleasing package that’ll mostly appeal to everybody; I say mostly because many of the tracks sound real arty.

Plus you gotta admire the packaging and whole “fish simulation” theme, it really makes everything conceptual in this day and age where being the same is the norm.

In an age where music is increasingly being defined by abstract concepts. “LSD: Pacificaの夢” stands out as a abstract, artistic, unique record. It’s amazing in it’s style and it’s well fulfilling in it’s execution; there is nothing that sounds out of place considering all of the elements he/she put together and well, if you had to listen to something that makes you feel like a fish, this would be that album.


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