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Uncomfort is often experienced when being in an environment that is unfamiliar and strange to you. Vaporwave initially has that sense of discomfort but it wears off after you get used to it. This album however is the odd one in the bunch in that it’s uncomfortable and remains uncomfortable afterwards.

While many vaporwave albums have different atmospheres that put you in the vibe, this atmosphere doesn’t put you in the vibe; the only mood it’s capable of putting you into is a mood of fear. This is acomplished by different background noise and tons of distant mallsoft-like ambiance. The tracks also feature some TV soundbites in there making it feel like you’re surfing TV while high and hazy. Some of the noises are standard, others are crunched and will make you think that your speakers are broken but one thing that remains consistent is the environment.

The soundscapes are amazingly produced for the effective feel that the artist was going for. If they didn’t convey the feel then the album would of failed but man do they convey; if horrorwave was a genre than he’d be the first person to pioneer it. Much of it isn’t traditional vaporwave, in fact it borders on industrial Nine Inch Nails ambient music which is good since it gives the album a wider appeal. If this was your first introduction into trasmissionwave then you’d probably want more of it since it appeals to your wider senses of music, Nine Inch Nails fans apply as well.

This is not only fine transmissionwave but genre-creating music as well. Horrorwave will probably be the newest thing to hit the market and the industrial fans will eat it up as if it were candy; everything here is off putting but oddly appealing as well and if you were a fan of music, you should definitely give this a shot.

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