Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza have been around since the earliest days of vaporwave through making songs. They rarely make EP’s but when they do, they’re a delight to listen to. If you thought “Daily Night Euphoria EP” was something then you’ll be surprised by this release, “Nordwrong”; which is a true to form ecological vaporwave album about the cautions of climate change and the inevitability of it.

If you’ve listened to any of their earlier songs, just know that their trademark style is here and in pristine form. Everything here is sampled and slowed down but made eerily hi-fi so as to provide a form of contrast. Many of the samples come from alternative music and traditional classical jazz music giving a sort of indie aspect to what is already an independent genre and everything is either saturated or filtered out to give that sense of vastness and feel to the tracks.

It would be risque to include anything political inside of a vaporwave album but they pull off the risk very well. This serves as a soundtrack to our eventual doom; beautiful weather patterns cultivating in unacceptable conditions for the human race and while every track may not have emotional baggage, the ones that do hold the most risk for the listener. This is something that only comes once in a lifetime and it’s not nostalgic focused or concept focused… No, this is reality focused.

This thing was designed for repeat listens, every listen gains you a further appreciation for the album with it’s tightly packaged cover art and sounds and with full understanding of this album, it makes you question everything that you already know. Very few people like Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza can create their own style of sound and execute it successfully and this serves as the prime example of what they can truly do with hi-fi drums, smooth pads and ethnic percussion.

This is a true worthy addition to your collection. Not only is the sound distinctive but it’s a trip if you’ve never even experienced vaporwave before. This serves as a reminder of our fate and more albums should try to be like this album. In short, this album is a classic.


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