The allure of vice and the temptation of luxury are two things that define vaporwave. Who wouldn’t want to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous while giving into the inner temptations of humanity. This album explores both sides while merging the two together in a sort of revelation type of way.

The sounds here are sounds that you may or may not have heard before but they’re made in a way that don’t explicitly explore its vaporwave origins and or focus on the lyrics. More so they promote the lifestyle that’s featured on this album with smooth jazz/adult contemporary/miami tropical laced sounds that are destined to give you nostalgia that you never even had for a life you never even lived. It’s easy to immerse yourself into the fantasy lifestyle as the vibes given are friendly and welcoming, if you have a vivid imagination than it’ll be easy to get lost in this album with is a good thing considering the lack of exploration into luxury and vice.

This album was designed for repeat listens and repeat visualizations. Even though the sounds feel done before, many of the songs are done to perfection in terms of length and sonic atmosphere; this will give you a powerful vibe which will send you into delusions of grandeur, it won’t make you a maniac but it will make you feel powerful and motivated which is rare for a vaporwave album.

It’s even more vice than MIAMI VICE which was all about the vice culture and whatnot. Vaporwave is all about the concepts and even though vice is an overused concept within vaporwave, this has got to be the most refined I’ve ever seen it at. It just goes to show that there are still surprises within vaporwave even though the genre has reached its peak at mostly everything. Music is meant to be explored and rearranged in as many ways possible so to see this rare occurrence in vaporwave is exceptionally good.

To close this out, this is a very very good vaporwave album. The only thing holding it back are the themes that have been done before but the themes, the sounds and everything else has been given a refresh making it feel as fresh and interesting as it did back in 2011. If anything this is a worthy addition to your vaporwave collection.


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