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Vektroid is often known as the creator and master of vaporwave. Every release she puts out pushes the genre forward in amazing ways. So what if her albums don’t all sound like “Floral Shoppe”, at least she’s out there grinding. This album is known as the album that birthed transmissionwave; a mixture of TV surfing with traditional vaporwave.

This is more of an art album than an actual music album. There is very few musical pieces throughout the album and those are used in ways to create a trippy environment. In lieu of music, there are soundbites from Japanese TV commercials of past, present and future; these are compressed and filtered out in order to give the impression that you’re watching this stuff on YouTube or They’re formed in a way that is choppy and distorted, Vektroid’s signature chopping is present on here and is more audible than ever before appearing in places to make the thing feel disjoined but whole at the same time.

That’s all I have to say about the audible portion of the album.

Music as art is very rare; even the albums that claim to be artistic follow traditional standards. This album follows no standards at all thus leaving it to expand it’s horizons. It’s more experimental than any vaporwave release out there, you can’t vibe out to it neither can you fully use it as background music so what are you to do? You do as you do to any piece of art, you appreciate it. This wasn’t designed for entertainment but more so for appreciation. Every listen you take of this piece of work makes you appreciate it even more, understand it’s eccentricities and undertones, same goes for every piece of art out there but this one is special in that it birthed a new genre of art music, one that continues on to this day.

If you’re open minded, you will love this art piece. If you want something more musical, this is not the album for you. Vektroid keeps on innovating and this album is just another in the long line of her legacy.

Rated 4.5/5


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