Vektroid’s “Floral Shoppe” is known as the definitive album that put vaporwave on the map, it also defined the style that would be followed until the death of vaporwave. What many people fail to recognize is that it wasn’t defined by a style but was defined by the talent and innovation that was there at the time of the album’s release. The style just so happens to be a side product of the music.

This is an album that focuses on style rather than substance.

Much of the album contains no innovation checking off every box in the vaporwave guidelines list, in fact this sounds more like chopped and screwed featuring 80s songs than anything that might give you a vibe. There are no surprise samples, everything is consistently slowed down and chopped in a way that is monotonous and boring and because of this, the album loses a lot of art appeal.

Further replays reveal flaws in the mixing and production. No liberties were taken in making the thing sound unique or different for each track. There’s no fuzziness or super clarify; only middle of the road quality that doesn’t do anything to make it stand out from the crowd. Many common samples are used and very few risktaking samples appear on the album; when they do appear, they often feel underwhelming.

To put it shortly; this is an album that’s clearly inspired by “Floral Shoppe” but doesn’t do anything upon it’s influence. It’s a vaporwave album but it’s the worst kind of album, a lazy one. Lazy ones are often the worst vaporwave albums in the existence of vaporwave and this is no exception but hey, at least it isn’t unbearable.


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