You may have thought PEGA was just another vaporwave artist based on the last album I reviewed by him. While his last album may have been “adult contemporary”, this one is straight up “smooth jazz” based on the theme of a “flight simulation” and boy does it prove me and everybody who thought that wrong.

The smooth jazz on this album is true to its word, smooth. Everything elevates you to new sonic altitudes with it’s smooth brass horns and mellow synths which is kind of it’s intention. It wouldn’t be “flight simulation” if it left you on the ground and it wouldn’t be “smooth jazz” if it wasn’t smooth.

There are no signs of vaporwave in here (filtered out sounds, pitched down samples, etc) but it does follow vaporwave ethos by having the same theme as the previous album for example. This album is one of the examples that proves that you don’t need to do those tricks for the album to be considered vaporwave and that includes PEGA’s previous album that I reviewed.

PEGA not only proves his critics wrong but proves himself wrong with this album. It shows that he’s more than what he’s perceived to be and also shows that he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. If you’re a fan of PEGA already, get this album. If you want to see what smooth jazz is all about, get this album. If you’re a vaporwave fan, please listen to this album.


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