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Collaborations are frequent in the vaporwave world; usually they consist of individual tracks or more rarely, the two producing tracks together. Production showcases are also rare as many vaporwave albums never showcase a variety of styles and have a cohesive theme… This is both a rare occurance of two vaporwave producers working together and an album showcasing a variety of styles.

To be honest, their production abilities are amazing; they can do all sorts of styles, regular vaporwave, futurefunk, vaportrap and in the rare moment where I include a subgenre that technically isn’t vaporwave, cloud rap. Everything has the right amount of flair to it to give it it’s own distinctive style, you have some tracks that are fuzzy and unclear while you have tracks that are simple but smooth at the same time; there’s a lot of variety besides the genres they’re producing and it’ll really make you believe in their abilities to make it in the vaporwave world.

From pitched down samples to pulsating drums, everything about vaporwave and then some is here. This is the ultimate celebration of vaporwave in all forms and the best part about it is that some creative decisions are taken to extend the boundries of not only this album but of producing vaporwave. There are samples which are chopped up like no others business, bringing a new term to the phrase “plunderphonics”, there is ambience that meshes together with other tracks and there are vibes that are not only for you, but for everybody. To put it plainly, this is vaporwave; nothing else.

However, it doesn’t really do anything to make itself a classic. This is a good production showcase but vaporwave is often about the solo producer; the one who can make a cohesive product and present it too. It’s unlikely they’ll find any work in the vaporwave or music industry and both are best exploring what they can do working on a cohesive project. Many of the best vaporwave albums have been cohesive projects from Floral Shoppe to Dream Sequins and if they’re going to make it then they have to make a cohesive project.

It comes pretty close though, if you don’t take this as a literal cohesive project then you can enjoy yourself in the celebration that is vaporwave, it’s ethos and it’s subgenres.

Rated 4.5/5


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