There are sounds all around us; some of them common, others strange. All of these sounds compose to form soundscapes which often sound displeasing but rarely sound terrifying and this album is the example of a terrifying landscape. Sound fans, meet “/ ~ ? /”.

Now this thing is considered vaporwave thanks to the cover art and the sounds but it seems different from vaporwave. It follows it’s mythos yes but this seems more environmental and more organic than most vaporwave. This thing is percussion heavy with effects played in the background to give it additional impact, everything is high fidelity with a sense of distance but a sense of closeness at the same time and the feel, well the feel is weird but unique.

Everything feels like everything is collapsing on you with reverse paradigms at play. Nothing is as it seems, nothing is as it’s perceived; it’s like everything’s been flipped and switched around. That feel is what defines the album and gives it it’s bizarro sense, trying to comprehend it is like almost impossible unless you have a real deep understanding for this kind of music. It’s almost as if something is happening from beneath, something we don’t even understand or comprehend.

You remember “Far Side Virtual”?, well this seems like the next iteration of it with it’s weird soundscapes and it’s reverse paradigms. This thing sounds amazing while sounds polarizing at the same time and if I were you, I’d take a privy to it. Be forewarned, it’s not for everybody.


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