People who usually produce other music sometimes produce vaporwave to prove that they can, sometimes it comes out exciting and different while other times it just ends up as a temporary distraction meant to fulfill the musicians boredom.

People who are new to vaporwave usually see it as one thing; statues, the color purple and lots of art deco/japan influences. They don’t know about the various subgenres because they haven’t learned about them yet and as a result, the music they produce will only be one thing. Despite him producing an album months prior, it’s still that one thing.

The samples are pitched down as you expect, sampling nothing but the best of the 80s. To be fair, the samples do contain guitar riffs which makes the thing slightly different from the rest, which is an unexpected checkbox that I have to fill in. His hands at trying something other than vaporwave leads to some interesting sounds that don’t really sound traditional. Instead they sound distorted and weird, much like a mix of hard vapor and noise music. This helps to break up the monotony in the album as it gives you the rare belief that this album is worth something.

However, much of the album is run-of-the-mill vaporwave. If there were checkboxes to be filled then it would definately fill all of them because it’s so run-of-the-mill. There is literally nothing here that you haven’t heard before; it’s chill yes, it puts you in the mood yes but is that mood and chill literally available anywhere? The answer is yes.

He is part of the reason that TV channels like MTV and sites like Tumblr have copied vaporwave; because they think it’s just a disposable image that’s defined by a stereotypical image and they think that image is popular. There is nothing more disposable than ocean backgrounds and Microsoft Windows operating systems in addition to the color scheme and cheesy 3D models. It did spur the revitalization of a genre that was going under but still, if future generations looked at vaporwave and looked at what albums like this and MTV did to the genre then they would shed a tear.

Still, he did do a good job producing the thing; let’s at least give him that.


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