Vaporwave has a lot of stuff to listen to and a lot of albums made in the past meaning that it’s a huge genre to cover. Sometimes classics get lost in the shuffle and there are a lot of classics, this is one of them… Meet “Subliminal Romance Part II” by WΔll Flowers; an album that has a lot of quality (and a lot of support) but isn’t recognized much by vaporwave critics.

This thing is adult contemporary to the fullest and I mean that in a good way; every sample is pitched down to appropriate levels and given that sense of clarity that transports you to the 80s where background music like this was the norm. Listening to it gives you the feeling that you’re stuck in an office or on hold which I’m guessing was the intention of the artist, this gives an awkward feeling which contrasts nicely with the sounds thus providing a sense of sophistication within the work itself.

There’s diversion within the material itself in the form of chopping up 80s hits (and good choices at that) in a way that makes it feel like your CD player is dying out on you. Those tracks feature some really good chopping that goes beyond chopped and screwed and put you in an uncomfortable precarious position that is the norm in vaporwave. These diversions make the album feel more like art and gives variety to what would otherwise be just another vaporwave album. Granted this was released before “Vaporwave Is Dead” but still…

This album has a sense of cohesiveness not in story but in quality; it was as if he knew what he was doing and made tracks that meshed together with each other, the result is something that has replayability value and something that gave fans of vaporwave some satisfaction, which lead to them supporting the album en masse.

This is an amazing vaporwave album, It’s regards are highly deserved as the hard work and quality put into the album made everybody flock to it like seagulls. It may not get the critical respect it deserves but for what it’s worth, the vaporwave community loved it and isn’t that all that matters.


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