Vaporwave artists come from all around the globe but rarely do we see a hispanic vaporwave artist. Windows彡96 has the opportunity to come up from the underground, show that vaporwave is a truly universal genre. Maybe his time hasn’t come yet but his time will come eventually.

If this album is any reflection, he has a lot of growing to do as an artist.

This album attempts to have a concept with cohesiveness and depth. There are interludes which sample the same track over and over again in an attempt to provide a contrast, the same sample which is used in full on Track 2. Speaking of same samples, there’s nothing you really haven’t heard before; pitched down samples, excessive chopping and 80s adult contemporary dominate many of the tracks and while the mixing is done right, the entire thing feels like a lesser Vektroid or Nmesh album.

Speaking of mixing, one of the few areas where the album shines is with it’s mixing. This guy knows what he is doing and can make anything sound distant and fuzzy or clear and bright; it is the mixing that makes the concept visible and it is the timing which shows that he has real talent even if the concepts he’s exploring aren’t original.

However, he is the only hope to bring Hispanic vaporwave to the forefront. If he’d just explore other concepts than maybe Hispanic vaporwave would be more visible than ever before. I have faith in him, he just needs to ditch the familiar samples and focus on the mixing talent that he has; that will be his ticket into vaporheaven. This isn’t the ticket though.


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