I’ll have to say, this guy is determined in his work ethic. Despite his work in similar sounding genres (which I admit I have given him a bit of a hard time on, sorry.), he manages to make projects that sound good and are admittingly, very professional. While vaporwave has expanded and grown, some people want the simple sound back and that’s a niche that Zadig The Jasp serves very well.

He has the production skills, that’s for sure. Much of this album will take you on a trip through a nondescript mall in a nondescript location with a soundtrack that sounds like it’s playing continuously 24/7 on repeat. A lot of the sounds are glitchy and tripped out with genres ranging from smooth jazz to adult contemporary. Make no mistake folks, this will sound like a worn down mall and this will give you nonexistent memories of nostalgia that you probably did or did not have.

For his specific niche, he does very well at it. While it’s not as distant as the best mallsoft albums, it feels worn and dusty all in itself. The mastering intentions here is to make it clear while making it feel fake at the same time and to a point, he succeeds at it. The trip here will feel satisfying and complete as you listen to this album; there are no awkward deviations to take you out of the zone, everything here feels tight and cohesive.

The best part about this album is the slight deviations from the two genres verging towards slowed down 80s pop. This makes the album sound better than most mallsoft albums because it’s taking some risks here. While I would love for him to tackle vaportrap or hard vapour, he found his niche and he’s sticking to it well. Risk taking is essential in any genre, especially music so to take some risk means that this album will find greater reward than the other albums.

My only problem (and that goes for the rest of his work) is that it sounds too similar. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very very good but he’s got a lot of vaporwave albums to compete with and while his is very close to professional, there’s always a more professional album out there by just a tiny bit. It’s a harsh world in music, sometimes the good stuff gets overwhelmed by the best stuff and I really hope he can make it in the world but if he wants to make the best stuff, he needs to take that step forward.

“バレービュー1985( Valley View Mall )” is one of the better albums from Zadig The Jasp; possibly even his best but it’s not a definitive vaporwave record, it’s just a very very good one. I don’t know what tricks he has up his sleeve but I’m hoping he comes up with a masterpiece soon; something that sounds unlike him.


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