I felt like I heard this before, but I don’t know when and where, it’s like I’m having deja vu or something. No it’s not nostalgia but this album does claim to represent the essential parts of the 80s. I admit, I was disappointed by the last album I reviewed by Zadig The Jasp but I’m going to say it, “Midnight Lights” is an improvement over it.

This is supposedly his most important album yet according to the artist and it’s vaporwave at its most traditional. Everything is there as you expect but get this, most of the samples are quiet storm samples instead of smooth jazz samples. Listening to this album will make you feel like you’re watching BET in the 90s when quiet storm was a force to be reckoned with and to the benefit of the artist, it does recreate the feel of the 80s very nicely.

It does tell a story in that you’re a guy in the 80s who’s just trying to live it up and is going through various aspects from the disco clubs to the beat of the city and even to the funky places of town. It’s sort of like a journey through a nondescript city and you’re enjoying every second of it. Nostalgia freaks will get their mileage on this album as it feels like the perfect representation of the 80s from the samples to the production.

However, all of this does feel really familiar like I listened to this before. My memory might be hazy since I listen to a lot of vaporwave but it feels like this guy had no inspiration and decided to copy other vaporwave albums; that’s an allegation currently but I wouldn’t be surprised if I was right. There are also very few diversions throughout the album except for the end which shows a bright spot for the young vaporwave artists career. If you’re looking for the unexpected than this album is not for you.

Still, it’s a good piece of work. It’s not going to get any recognition or accolades but it’s a good piece of work for those looking for nostalgia and those who are fans of old school vaporwave. If you miss the 80s or want to live the 80s than this album is for you.


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