In the ethos of vaporwave, driving is a popular pastime where people just drive into the abyss of nothingness. This EP “NIGHT DRIVE” is solely based on the concept of you taking a night drive and man is it unique.

For one this combines classic vaporwave aesthetics with modern vaporwave sensibilities. The vibes you feel are similar to when you’re listening to “Floral Shoppe” but something’s beneath the sound that’s elevating it to new levels, somehow make you feeling like you’re on a different plane of existence. Everything here is a perfect mixture of the two thanks to mixing and mastering and neither overbalances the other; this results in you enjoying your night drive without anything getting in your way.

This thing is unique in that many tracks include a piano that isn’t a looped sample. This helps give the EP some variety and dynamism as it makes the EP go towards alternative hip-hop, something that’ll make hip-hop heads want to check this out. That piano enhances the vibes as it really sells the night driving theme of the EP and enhances replayability as you’ll want to listen to that piano until you get sick of it, which will probably never happen.

There’s also two collaborations, one with 3D BLAST which turns out to be of course, a blast with anime snippets giving context to the track and the other being well, a different take on a different track altogether; not only are they good but they fit within the context of the EP thus giving further consistency to what could of been 6 tracks and 2 seperate tracks.

Overall this EP is a delectable experience through night driving that while short, is the perfect length for your desires. It’s a mixture of modern and old that deserves to be listened to so what are you waiting for? Listen to it now.


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