In many cases, vaporwave is more robotic than human but in some cases, vaporwave can be human. Take this EP for example; this EP showcases lots of humanistic traits and manages to be optimistic as well.

This short EP details human life as we know it over melodic and upbeat vaportrap tracks that all depict life in the most positive way possible. Everything here is tight and cohesive as you fall into a vibe where everything is happy and nice; these tracks aren’t designed to make you dance, more so they follow vaporwave ethos and use the patterns and instruments in order to give you a relaxing vibe throughout.

It’s unique for a vaportrap album to focus on positivity and it’s also rare that it doesn’t need to do it without provoking nostalgia or anything common in vaporwave. It’s kind of like romantic comedies or dramas; everything is focused on the good moments with bad moments in between to keep it realistic. It’s those tender moments, those bittersweet moments that keep you tuned in and this is what this EP does all the way through, keep you tuned in.

This thing is vaportrap at its most human and engaging and to sleep on this album would be a crime. If you wanted more emotionally evolved vaporwave/vaportrap music than this is for you.


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