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There are a lot of artists in a wide range of musical genres and the best ones are hard to find. Thanks to the contact form (which you should use by the way), I was brought to the attention of KAHN 美的; an aspiring artist with goals of making it in the vaporwave game. His release “WaveStation EP” looks to be his ticket into the big leagues.

What makes this his ticket might you ask? Well his production style is eccentric. He’s mainly into vaportrap and the vaportrap songs are as good as Blank Banshee. The synths are smooth yet go hard in the paint and the drum patterns are; how shall I say it? delectable. He has the potential to make it as big as Blank Banshee with his vaportrap songs and the best part about it is that you can rap on them and it would be considered the hardest stuff you’d ever make.

But that’s not to say he can’t do anything other than vaportrap. There are some traditional vaporwave and futurefunk songs on the album and not only do they mix things up but they showcase him as a producer with versatility. Everything is done well, the futurefunk tracks have pulsating drums, the vaporwave tracks have a good vibe and everything meshes well with each other. It does not detract the vaportrap songs, more so it compliments them bringing a nice balance to this EP.

I have high hopes that he’s going to blow up if evident by the quality of this EP. He does vaportrap as well as blank banshee, he does futurefunk as well as Saint Pepsi and he does vaporwave as well as Nmesh and if you wanted to listen to a producer who knows what he’s doing then well, here he is.

Rated 4.9/5


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Hi, I’m very flattered by your review of my old EP. If there’s anything you’d like to contact me about (interviews, etc), please let me know as i’d be happy to oblidge.