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Adult contemporary has been known to be one of the cornerstones of the vaporwave genre. Even Vektroid’s “Floral Shoppe” album is known to almost exclusively sample adult contemporary. This one is no exception, embracing adult contemporary as if it were nothing and the results are pretty impressive.

This is branded as “ambient funk” meaning there’s sounds of expression but they’re mellowed and smoothed out. The songs also primarily contain vocals that are not pitched down but sort of even for that effect that only the 80s can bring. The music is representative of being on an emotional high except that you gain when listening to heavenly vocals over smooth music; like Journey for example. Everything gives you the mood that you’re in some sort of plane of existence that is mysterious but familiar at the same time; that plane of existence is well portrayed throughout the album and does a good job in putting you in the mood.

The sonic soundscapes aren’t as inventive as you’d like them to be; especially when this was released during a point where the genre was stale but it does the job. This’ll mainly appeal for fans who’ve been around since the dawn of vaporwave who know the sound they love and desire the sound they love, for others it’ll serve as a decent introduction into the world of vaporwave while being sonically pleasing, for the rest, they’ll just be wanting more especially considering this is short.

No matter, this is still a good project. It’s faithful to vaporwave and it’s sounds are actually quite good. However, the sounds here aren’t inventive and I’m pretty sure that the artist himself has made better work than this but at least he knows how to make an album and at least he knows how to satisfy people. If this EP was the first taste of what he can do then you don’t know PEGA 速力.

Rated 3.5/5


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