Way before VapoUrban or Sunbleach… There was a site called reddit that allows you to create your own communities with minimal effort. One of those communities on reddit was the very first source for vaporwave. Yes it’s /r/vaporwave. In its early days /r/vaporwave was essential to the community and pivotal to building vaporwave into the genre it is today.

Today, it’s still essential to the community and pivotal to keeping vaporwave active; though thanks to the messed-up nature of the internet, reddit has introduced tons of moderation tools and sweeping rule changes within it’s community designed to give people ease of mind and tons of safe spaces. I can understand the need to feel protected but it’s the internet where everything is open and there are harsh consequences, what did you expect?

Today I’m going to give you the good and bad of /r/vaporwave.

Here’s the good part, /r/vaporwave is a promotional tool meant for labels, artists and others in order to get their work out there. Without them I wouldn’t find out about deals, I wouldn’t find out what the latest albums are and I definitely would not find out what people are thinking in the vaporwave community. It’s also good for people who like vaporwave in order to comment on what’s going on and what they think; reddit in theory is a giant think tank so to see like minded people alike come together and comment is a good thing.

Here’s the bad part though. A couple of people still think that vaporwave is supposed to be that old fashioned slowed and pitched down music and because of that; the community itself is aversive to new and exciting subgenres that may come out of vaporwave. I’ve seen a lot of horror stories about how their work wasn’t received because it wasn’t “traditional” enough. Vaporwave is supposed to be the genre that isn’t afraid to take chances, to allow anybody who has a specific interest in the darker side of things to make music and express it ot the world.

There’s a reason why people still use it though. /r/vaporwave is easy, it’s accessible, it’s well known. I thank all the people who have shared the reviews on r/vaporwave. It really helps me to see people appreciate and like the work that I do… My main hopes is that there can be a future for vaporwave where the genre isn’t focused on one type of sound, where multiple subgenres can co-exist in harmony. That’s what vaporwave is, an adventure.

More people need to join in on the adventure. More blogs, more critics, more exposure, more everything. /r/vaporwave can’t cover everything and you shouldn’t be afraid to say your voice. Don’t be focused on the good or bad, take both into consideration and you shall be fine.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  A large majority of the article has been updated to reflect recent information and eliminate out-of-date information, sorry for the inconvenience.


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Geez, you know I guess vaporwave really made my life change in a way. When I was a kid I was always beaten by my dad and neglected or bullied from the kids at school, and most days coming home alive was always the hardest because that meant I was living yet another 24 hours in hell. I always had suicidal thoughts and severe depression until I was out on medications and sent to a mental institution. At that point I was high as a kite and no care in the world. When I got out I learned that my… Read more »


I first learned about Vaporwave through r/vaporwave by accident. I was going down a rabbit hole of dream pop and lofi music in general and I guess my personal taste led me directly to vaporwave and I felt right at home. Like any low traffic sub, the bad sticks out but the good also shines through. The childish nonsense may deter some but as long as people who actually give a damn keep posting, r/vaporwave can continue to be a supportive community.