collegeparty reached his peak when he released “digital escape” but little did you know he had an album and an origin different from what he did with “digital escape”. I don’t know if this is his debut or not but it’s certainly the precursor to “digital escape” and it’s the last of the two albums which are available to listen and like it or not, it has a different style to it.

While “digital escape” was transmissionwave at it’s finest, this is more like traditional vaporwave with pitched down samples and longer track lengths. This guy knew what he was doing from the get go as the various samples are cut and combined in unique ways that evoke emotion and feeling, there’s a certain crunchy feel to the drums but aside from that, the tracks are left untouched and are in their mostly original configuration.

It may seem amateurish and it probably is but the lack of reverb and the lack of any effects is definitely a rarity in vaporwave. It gives way to the talent of the construction of the songs which are top notch. While some vaporwave fans (including myself) would of liked to see something more substantial, this is still good music nonetheless.

The samples are well picked and obscure enough for vaporwave to give the album something for its money. These are songs that haven’t been sampled in vaporwave during the year this was released and for what it’s worth, he does a good job with them. He gains some points in originality but loses some for being somewhat sparse with the production of the album. Anybody can take samples, chop them up and loop them and you can be good at it too but it takes a master to truly make them into something special.

Still, collegeparty’s 2013 album really shows what he would eventually do, which is make the 2016 masterpice “digital escape”. This is a good listen if you want some looped chopping and obscure samples but it’s not a good listen if you want something more. It’s execution is good but it’s missing a little something that keeps it from reaching the next level. Take that as you will.


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