In music, people often gravitate to sounds that sound real but when using a computer, we can often accept when something is not exactly real. This is the case in vaporwave which is essentially a replication of computer music from the resampled classics to the fabricated originals and in the case of “virtualresort™”, this is essentially original computer music.

The album is built around the concept of a virtual resort much like “Arcadia Campus: Virtual Tour” or the various albums you might of heard based on virtual resorts except this one predates them by about 2 years. The sounds here are mostly resemblant of “Far Side Virtual” with it’s lack of authenticity and plastic artificial sounds populating the airwaves. The compositions have variation but for the most part are routine and stock and in a genre like vaporwave, this is a good thing.

The production and mastering sounds clean and exceptionally crisp with a very wide stereo spread. It’s as if it wanted to be as polished as possible to exemplify the fakeness. It leads to a very pleasant listening experience and an ironic contrast towards everything music related. Music as a whole can be regarded as a product, sometimes organic but ultimately manufactured and while you may be enjoying the music, you could be playing into the wrong hands. Hard to think about that when you’re enjoying the vibes huh?

This album is an example in production and intention. It has a theme, it has a design, it doesn’t have research behind it but it appears to have it. It gives off the illusion that it was created by god and science when in actuality it was created by a passionate musician who just wanted to give the world something great and clever. He did his work, he made the tracks blend in with each other and he gave it a coherent structure that leads to pleasurable repeat listens which in turn, makes this product a success.

It’s a shame there are very few albums that sound like “Far Side Virtual” because this album definitely nails that feeling. It’s the reflection of a modern polished product in that it’s too polished, too produced and too refined which results in this being a vaporwave classic. If you want a product that is the opposite of music (but reflective of vaporwave) than this is for you.


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