The human mind has many emotions. Some we understand, some we don’t understand. Two human emotions that we commonly associate with vaporwave is sadness and lonliness. “失われた時REGRET” is an album thats melancholic in that it combines the two emotions together through the use of grungy samples and lots of atmospheric effects.

There’s no way to describe the soundscapes here. The best way to describe it would be a bunch of cars colliding with each other in a beautiful fashion. Multiple samples of various genres are used here and it’s not just limited to 80s music or even music in general; no, there are sound effects laced throughout the entire project. The way the samples are used and timed convey emotion and help to connect with the listener during hard times. Nothing is ever repeated for long periods of time, everything is given an appropriate amount of time to impress the listener.

The feeling here is choppy and distant thanks to the fadedness of the samples and the lo-fi crunch of the sound. It gives the product a polished but raw sound that’ll appeal to people in distress. Angry people always go for the grungy and happy people always go for the polished so to see a mixture of the two really gives the product an edge because it’s the best of both worlds here and it’s appeal is not strictly limited to people in distress. The best vaporwave producers are often adaptable and flexible with their styles and this album is an example of their talent.

Only fault is that this album is long but then again, art is meant to be analyzed in detail. There are lots of aspects, lots of dimensions, lots of context to this piece of work and time is needed in order to dissect the album and let its healing powers get into your mind. For some, it’s a turnoff but for the many, it’s a necessity.

This product is a success in every sense of the word. Not only does it help people, it’s also a masterpiece of art in itself despite its length. It’s grungy, it’s emotional and it’s multifacted and if you want more from a vaporwave product than this is the one for you.


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