There is no doubt in the minds of many vaporwave fans that 2814 brought ambient cityscape music to the forefront of popularity and ever since then there have been album of varying quality. Some good, some bad but few amazing. This is one of those amazing albums and it’s a collaboration no less. This is a journey through a story that’ll have you gripped at the end of your seats. This is “Spectre”.

The content of this album highly resembles 2814’s Rain Temple despite being released a month earlier but don’t let that detract you because it has a sound of its own. The soundscapes here are more harmonious and more disorientating than you expect from an ambient record; this isn’t the soundscapes of a city nor is it the soundscapes of pleasure. No it’s the soundscapes of uncertainty as each track progresses the story piece by piece.

Every track seems to be building up to something whether it’s a pivotal moment in the story or the epic climax that comes at you from out of nowhere. There is a sense of gripping fear throughout the album as the ambient instruments get more chilling and threatening as time goes on, this is a good thing as it shows that the artists in general know how to handle the tension and keep the listener interested throughout the story. Every track consistently leads up to the next and thanks to the clear but dissonant mastering, the soundscapes easily get across to the listener.

Vaporwave itself is a concept but there are few concept albums around that focus on a story or a secular idea, the fact that these two artists were able to create a concept record and execute it effortlessly is a testament to their talent and because of that, it makes this album one of the few that could potentially change up the ambient cityscape music game.

Though it may be overshadowed by “Rain Temple”, they’ve made something that’s as worthy of praise and admiration as “Rain Temple”. This atmospheric masterpiece contains depth, contains buildup, contains a story and contains an exciting climax. You may not be able to vibe out to this but if you’re a fan of a good story and you’re a fan of dissonance than this album is for you.


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