Many know that KAHN 美的 can do melodic vaportrap as well as Blank Banshee but do you know that he can do some dark, grimy stuff as well? “Live From The Grave: is the opposite of “WaveStation EP”, dark, gothic, grimy and downright sinister. It’s also the album where he proves himself to be a viable artist in this genre.

The production here is as smooth as Blank Banshee but with a sense of grittiness to it in order to give it that raw feeling. Many of the songs here deal with the themes of death, gloom and doom and the upcoming apocalypse which are mature and depressing topics for vaportrap. The maturity is expressed well through every track with effortless execution and atmospheric vibes; though the vibes may be down and out, you can still get a good vibe off of this.

The best way to describe this is a roller coaster ride filled with ups and downs, twist and turns, you get the jist. Listening to this is like getting inside the mind of a maniac with multiple personality disorder; it feels freaky and weird but once you get used to it then you’ll find yourself enjoying the experience. Some may be uneasy with the sounds presented but trust me, it’s normal to feel emotion like this; especially when you’re at your end and you feel like no one can help you now.

The artist even throws some tricks such as changing up the style to lo-fi hip-hop. This gives variety to an album that was already at its peak and enhances it to the point where it goes beyond the defined peak. It’s a surprise given the already moody nature of the album and you know what, surprises are good. They are what make albums what they are and without surprises we’d have the same old boring stuff.

KAHN 美的 is the master of both the domains of vaportrap and emotion with this album. The artist does an amazing job with the themes presented and manages to paint an emotional masterpiece that is multifaceted and multidimensional. Despite all the doom and gloom this album holds, you should definately get this for your collection.


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