Here’s a fun fact, originally the genre did not have a name. There were many people who had names for it, one even named it “late nite tunes” due to the fact that it felt like a drowsy late night. Of course, the genre has a name now and it’s various subgenres also have names but wouldn’t you want to take it back to the time when it was just one continuous late night jam. Well the opportunity is here and it lies with this album.

When you first take a look or a listen to the album, you’ll notice various vaporwave aesthetics. Low-res cover, distant faded lo-fi sounds, even the name of the album is in japanese. This may be the norm now but it wasn’t the norm back then when the genre was emerging. Don’t let that deter you, once you listen to it then it all becomes clear.

The soundscapes here provide the soundtrack to your lonely late nights or your early morning recovery with it’s atmospheric sounds that resemble mallsoft but don’t depress you, the tricks are minimal and the samples are pure vaporwave which means lots of smooth jazz samples and contemporary R&B. It may seem unoriginal but it’s paying homage to the early days of vaporwave where the sounds were your journey to your high rather than art by itself.

There’s nothing much beyond that as a warning for those looking for something original, it doesn’t have all the flairs, bells and tricks as the later albums but this does work as both vibing material and a history lesson. It’s simplistic content and short length are something that you want when you don’t feel interested in complicated music and while the volatile of the internet erased much of vaporwave’s history, it does serve as an example of what the olden days were like; back before the genre evolved.

So if you’re new to vaporwave, old to vaporwave or just need a refresher than this album is for you. It’s not innovative nor is it easily replayable due to its repetition but it’s a good project to chill and vibe out to and isn’t that all you expect from a late night simulator?


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