Nmesh blew up on the vaporwave scene with “Dream Sequins” but did you know that he was in a metal band before? Apparently with the birth of hard vapour, it has unleashed the beast inside and has inspired him to make his own hard vapour music. If you love “Dream Sequins” then prepare to have your senses diluted with “Hard Classiks, Volume 1”.

Make no mistake, this is hard vapour at it’s rawest, purest form. This isn’t atmospheric or clear like “Vaporwave Is Dead”, no this is crunchy, grungy, almost resembling a mix of industrial and metal music. Every track is an assault to your speakers, filling the room with choppy, glitchy sounds that barely follow vaporwave ethos and every track is mastered in a way that isn’t focused on getting the most earbuds, no this is a raw, unfiltered mix that is honest about itself.

Many of Nmesh’s various tricks and appreciation for the genre appear here but have been turned on its heel. Some go with the flow but many disrupt the flow in a good way leading to some of the most innovative stuff I have ever seen in electronic music. Songs often get frantic and uncontrollable to the point where it becomes one beautiful mess and in addition, some songs even have build up leading to that uncontrollable feeling. Not only is this thing well crafted but it’s also well paced as well with nothing breaking up the energy of the tracks.

This represented an evolution in hard vapour when it was released. The original production (not sampled), the grungy synths, the raw honest production. It’s as if Nmesh knew what he was doing this whole time and knew what he wanted to do with both the genre and himself. For many looking to get into hard vapour, this will be the truest representation you’ll ever get of the genre. A subgenre disconnected from not only vaporwave but the world.

Don’t expect “Dream Sequins” with this record. It’s a completely different beast altogether and it’s the kind of music Nmesh was meant to make. If “Dream Sequins” was the appetizer than consider this the dinner with it’s heavy blood content and it’s high satisfaction rate. Make no mistake, this is hard vapour at it’s finest and most refined.


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