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Many vaporwave artists provide one-of-a-kind experiences unique to said artist. With Vektroid, you have that retro old school feeling while with 3D Blast, you have the feeling that you’re a part of something bigger than yourself. PZA definately has this experience which is smooth like Blank Banshee but unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. Case in point this is the weirdest vaporwave I have ever heard.

This is also the first album I’ve heard from him and boy is it abstract. Meet “PIZZA PARTY”, the most unique and the most trippy experience you will ever find since FLORAL SHOPPE was first released. Starting off (and ending with) a choppy k-pop song with vocals at the regular pitch, you’ll recognize that this isn’t going to be your traditional vaporwave release and the further you go along, the more you’ll be scratching your head wondering if this is really vaporwave.

The drums here aren’t based off of regular vaportrap, instead they’re deformed and built in a different way. There’s no smooth synths or recognizable samples to back the tracks, instead everything is gritty and raw but it’s not as raw as hard vapour; instead it’s a mixture of traditional vaporwave with the feeling of hard vapour. This contributes to the unique experience of this album as nothing is consistent (sound wise) and nothing is familiar, it’s all mixed up and jumbled in a way that makes things interesting.

It’s not for the simple minded or the antiquated though, this type of thing takes time to digest. You can’t get into PZA easily, you have to feel what he’s feeling, think what he’s thinking and whatnot. Every track may be mastered differently in a smooth or harsh way but the fact of the matter is this thing is weird and abstract and you’re not going to get into it instantly.

PZA and “PIZZA PARTY” is effortlessly a genre separate from vaporwave. It’s sort of like a defiance of vaporwave, one of which the mere term of art does not apply, it’ll take your mind places to where it’s never been before and it’ll force your mind into places where it never wants to go. To simply put it, it’s a classic sorely because it brings you an experience that is one of a kind and can’t be replicated; there can only be one PZA.

Rated 5/5


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Emmanuel Hoachlander

PZA is a very under rated artist. He always puts out good music and haven’t really heard anything i don’t like out of his 500+ songs. ^_^ this album is one of the best that he has put out on tape ^_^


i rly only enjoy local on the 8s and post modern dream, tbh the rest seems like the dank meme of vaporwave 😃

seems like a nice guy tho n hes from arkansas so what do u expect rly lol


Dude has tons of records and they are all f*****g amazing. If you are into vaporwave and don’t know PZA.. well, I don’t know where you have been.