This world we live in is hectic and fast-paced. Everything moves at a continuous rate and anybody who is slow gets left behind. While the world we live in is ever changing, sometimes we just want to slow down and enjoy ourselves and this is where waterfront dining comes in with the album “American Love “.

This thing is blatantly 80s with it’s synths, samples and atmosphere. Everything here will take you down a nostalgic trip back to the time when social media was just a concept and technology was just a big bulky computer, the feeling that can best describe the soundscapes is romantic. This thing doesn’t remind you of urbanism nor of the far out future; no this thing reminds you of the present and the valuable time that you have together.

Very few songs are pitched down or altered and the mastering is minimalistic to say the least with only a touch of reverb added to give it that dreamlike state. It’s due to this that the full feeling of the tracks is let out without any fear of appealing to a certain audience, it’s as if the artist just wanted to take the 80s love and make vaporwave tracks out of it. Certain people will be left wanting more but then again, don’t you just want to make love to these tracks?

This album is sexy, sleek and appealing at the same time. It provides a sense of romanticism that few albums can provide and it’s harkens back to a time when music was just something to enjoy. Vaporwave fans may be left wanting more but if you take it as it is, you’ll be pleasently surprised.


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