The deep web is often filled with wonders; some beautiful, many often dangerous. While many know the deep web exists, many are afraid to explore it. Few do however and wosX has made an album about it.

The soundscapes here are scary but are more often than not, beautiful. Each track takes you on a trek through the various aspects of the deep web with pads so smooth you could almost glide on them. It starts off like a combination of vaporwave with synthwave but with every track you listen to, you get deeper and deeper and the deeper you go, the weirder the tracks get.

It’s that factor that makes the album really interesting and cool because few vaporwave albums can boast to progressively changing their sound. Regular albums would be afraid but this one isn’t, it just does what it does for the sole purpose of telling its story. It may seem like an outcast initially but thanks to the artists talent, it becomes a hero in the end… One with the most unique concept out of the rest.

The one thing that consists throughout the entire album is the grimy aesthetic. Regular vaporwave would just touch upon the nostalgia of it all but this album is going deeper to places that wouldn’t even warrant a mention. Those places are filled with filth and grime and the artist does a perfect job of replicating that feeling you get when you go to subversive places. Without that grimy aesthetic, I don’t think an album about this concept would really work out.

By diverting expectations and flipping the concept on it’s heels, wosX has made something that can be portrayed as art alongside music and surpassed all expectations. Plus its grimy aesthetic is something other albums would die for. If you’re into some weird stuff than this album is for you.


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