Despite his relatively unknown status in mainstream vaporwave. Zadig The Jasp is a grinder; he’s got the art, photoshop skills, music production skills and he knows how to present himself. Despite being limited by the genre he’s in, he still manages to make good albums and “Vintage is Everything 愛と春” is one of them.

This album is as vaporwave as it’s going to get. The soundscapes here are nostalgic and smooth with every song having a certain style to it. Many of the songs sample either contemporary R&B or smooth jazz music and they’re either lo-fi’d or reverberated to give it a distinct feeling. Every song has a trick up its sleeve whether it’s the skipping or the volume changes or even the fading out which gives you some excitement in listening to this album.

The fact that he is amazingly good in producing this kind of music is a testament to hard work and dedication. This guy is never going to give up until he has a classic album on his hands or never going to give up because he loves the music he makes so much. It’s evident in the timing, the consistency, the sample selection; even the presentation is beyond pitch perfect. If he was meant to produce that one style then he’s the gift fans of lo-fi jams and eccojams have been waiting for.

A classic has to define barriers and influence other people and while this is a very good album. It isn’t a classic because it’s lacking innovation. Something I won’t fault the artist for but in a world where 3D Blast’s “3D: Die a Hero” is the second best album besides 2814’s “Rain Temple”, that says alot about potential artists who need to up their work ethic and their creativity ethic.

Still, this is a very, very good album and will satisfy fans of vaporwave, some may even become Zadig The Jasp fans. If you’re looking for more eccojams and lo-fi music to add to your collection than consider this album. I’m (and I’m certain Zadig The Jasp) still waiting for that classic album though.


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