The first newtype album I reviewed was apparently a second in a trilogy which I like to call the “White Botnet Trilogy” due to all the covers having white backgrounds and ancient computers in the forefront. What I’m reviewing right now is the first of said trilogy, the one that gave newtype fame he’d never seen before. Ladies and gentlemen, this is “昔についての事:彼ら昔。”.

Now this album is similar to the second part in that it has that trademark newtype sound. Crisp pitched down R&B samples that sound like they’re being played off the computer itself. This sound dominates the EP and combined with the tricks such as glitching songs out at random or filtering out the sounds to the point where you can barely hear them, really make for one heck of an experience.

The story here seems to be a prelude to the album that follows it. It can be interpreted as the creation of the botnet, one which would eventually eat up computers nationwide or it can be interpreted as something that’s already happening. This is why people love vaporwave, it can be interpreted as anything and because of that, it can be given any meaning.

The whole EP is consistent all the way through with nothing seeming out of place, it has a beginning, middle and abrupt end with every sample playing their part throughout it all. The consistency really makes for one pleasurable listening experience with every listen finding you discovering something new, it can put you in the mood but it can also provide excitement much like the classical records of old.

This may seem like vaporwave on the surface but dig deeper and you’ll find something that’s deep and interesting, Newtype’s “昔についての事:彼ら昔。” is the perfect starter to his masterpiece trilogy. Filled with twist and turns galore, it’s an adventure that you’ll get roped to as soon as you listen to the album.


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