It was the early 90s. Saturday morning cartoons haven’t gone the way of the dodo and commercialism in kids shows hadn’t been condemned by the public yet; somewhere along the way came a series called “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” that would instill itself in the hearts of 90s kids and young teens everywhere thanks to its campy nature, characters and its setting.

Fast forward to today. Power Rangers is still a popular franchise but people still want that old “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” back. While we can’t get back the original feeling, a vaporwave artist named “Pink Ranger” has made something that reminds us of that feeling.

Listening to this EP will transport you to the world of Angel Grove as the sounds of funk play in the background. Fast tempos and 80s synths dominate the record and the sample choices here are not only funky but appropriate. Futurefunk is always in the context of disco and R&B so to see someone take the 80s records often sampled in vaporwave and apply a futurefunk touch to them is innovative, creative and unique. It not only gives an edge to the record but it also helps with the feel and consistency as well.

This makes for easy listening as you’ll enjoy every second of this EP. While it may not contain traditional funk records, it’s still a groovy experience nonetheless as the nostalgia combined with the exceptional clean and smooth production seeps into your mind. It’s similar to Constanza in that it’s a celebration of the person in general yet it’s not a statement of derangement or insanity; in fact it’s themes of positivity are sure to reflect kindly on future generations to come.

This EP is probably going to be the first of many for this young artist. Not only does the artist got skill, the artist also got creativity and a theme going as well. The only flaw is that it’s not 100% original but then again, how many EPs you know that are themed around Power Rangers?


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I liked this EP and I have to admit that I never really watched the show. We didn’t have a TV for a while when I was growing up and by the time we got one I had missed the train I suppose. Having said that, I still get a nostalgic feeling from it which is woven into the head bobbing future funk perfectly. The EP draws you in, gets you there, and then fades away leaving you in a good mood. I hope to hear more Pink Ranger.

Also, I’ll just leave this here…