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There are 3 things that are consistent in vaporwave; technology, aesthetics and weather. Many vaporwave albums are made based on 1 of those 3 things and this EP is about one of them, specifically the weather.

Now I have listened to many albums about the weather, some of them are even quite good but in a genre where mostly 45% of albums are based on weather, you have to stand out from the rest somehow. What this album does to make it stand out is focus on the sound and this thing sounds like a mixture of the vibrance and the down lows of the 80s mixed in with some modern sensibilities.

It could be a definitive way to stand out seeing as how the package has the makings of a great DMC-REC release with the sounds having a distinct Floridian flavor but the sounds don’t really reach for their peak. The sounds either go out of their way to try to fit in or they don’t try and sound generic and this is despite what he does to some songs. He tries to introduce variety such as filtering out the songs to make them lo-fi or try to build up to some epic climax and while he’s successful, he’s unsuccessful in making those additions meaningful.

The main failure of this album is not the sound or the presentation, it’s that it doesn’t take any risk. There are thousands of weather albums out there and the best of the bunch is “SUNDAY TELEVISION”. That album works because it relies on the emotional connection one would have between the past, the television and the sounds being played behind the weather. This has almost no emotional connection and relies on you being a fan of the weather to hook you in. I don’t know if that’s the intention but I don’t feel anything for this EP.

If I were in charge of vaporwave then I’d advise musicians to make fewer albums about the weather and if they do make an album about the weather. At least make it substantial. This album sounds good and feels good but doesn’t do much else to make itself known and for that, we have yet another vaporwave release.

Rated 3/5


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