☒ is highly regarded to be one of the best vaporwave artists in terms of quality and notability. “Sangyō” shows no signs of the artist slowing down as it has the same amount of quality we’ve come to expect from the artist, perhaps even more.

From the get go, you’re surrounded by cold robotic sounds that could best be described as “industrial vaporwave”. The amount of reverberation and detail you feel brings out the solstice and harsh cold reality of your life, making you wonder as you enjoy the symphonic grooves that are off-putting but oddly danceable. As the album goes along, you’ll notice elements of vaportrap and hard vapour mixed in ways that support the drab nature of the record but are innovative and far reaching; the styles are never out of place and mesh in perfectly with the depressing themes of the album.

The compositions and production of the album are pitch-perfect. It gives off a somber mood with it’s mix of grit and clarity, every track possesses a mood of its own yet transitions seamlessly with each track. The synths and drum patterns used are infectious and unique, ranging from grimy and hard-hitting to atmospheric and smooth. It certainly gives the album a charm and style of it’s own making it stand out from the rest of the pack.

There’s no doubt about it, “Sangyō” is an album that sets the bar high; it’s a must-listen once in a lifetime moody joyride that shows what the vaporwave movement is all about and also shows that ☒ has no intention of slowing down anytime soon.


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Really interesting release by Quadratox, really liked it.