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猫 シ Corp. is known as the definer of weather inspired vaporwave and with “Good Morning America”, he continues to be one of the forerunners in the subgenre called weatherwave.

Utilizing a method of recording to and back from a VHS, he takes the traditional sounds and makes it sound distant and distorted at the same time, kind of like as if you were listening to something but couldn’t really remember it in detail. On previous albums, he made it feel like you were watching the weather channel but on here, he sort of twists nostalgia on it’s heel creating a sort of memory that you think existed to you but in reality, never existed at all.

The artist’s selection of muzak is amazing, it really sells the feeling that you’re watching the weather channel and allows for good vibing music throughout. You’ll find yourself zoning through space and time itself as you listen to this album, all while you let the horns and synths surround you with their beauty and majesty; the fact that the artist is able to do this so consistently is without a doubt… amazing.

The artist also takes some time to add some tricks such as making the vocals hyper saturated and realistic, to contrast against the filtered out muzak and to provide variety, those additions make “Good Morning America” more than just another 猫 シ Corp. album but something that pushes and elevates the weatherwave genre as a whole. It also helps to contribute to the distorted nature of the weather channel not only making the album weird but at the same time, cool.

You can never go wrong with a 猫 シ Corp.  release and “Good Morning America” manages to continue that streak. Despite sounding the same, he does what he does well. Implant false memories of you watching the weather channel and on this album, he goes far beyond the call of duty to do that; to which I say, nicely done.

Rated 4.4/5


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i feel like the cover art of every release really adds to the vibe and first impression of it. this one has nailed the same music presented. hazy docks with the stormy seas at sunrise.