“Promise World” is an upbeat, vibrant, warm experience from the creative mind of 3D BLAST. It is a celebration of anime and anime culture done in a way that’s unique and stylistic, having vaporwave elements but going above and beyond the sound itself.

Utilizing every electronic trick in the book, 3D BLAST creates a sonic palette that more than represents his futurefunk roots but pays homage to the chiptune genre in ways you could never imagine. Every track is an exhilarating experience with heart pumping drums and amazing utilized staccatos taking you to places you never experienced before; the feeling never lets up throughout the album and 3D BLAST takes great dedication with doing something different for every track whether it’s utilizing a different style or a different feel altogether, you’ll never know what you’re going to expect with this album.

The production here is class A and finely refined. Everything here sounds as crisp and clear as you’d expect with an unexpected sense of atmosphere that’s present but not noticable. It may seem loud but the loudness just adds to the infectiousness of the album and the overall cuteness of the album. I didn’t expect 3D BLAST to be able to replicate such a cute sound for the entire album but he has managed to do it.

If you love anime or have a passing interest in anime than you’ll love this album. If you have no interest than you will still love this album. This album shows why 3D BLAST is one of the best vaporwave producers out there, of all time.


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