No one has ever heard Ugandan vaporwave before and “Future Ghosts” is my first taste into the world of Ugandan vaporwave. I have to say, it’s a unique twist on vaporwave as I’ve heard tricks that I’ve never seen any other artist do… At least not yet.

The entire album serves as a demonstration for the artist’s skills, utilizing chopping, delaying, filtering and ultimately original composing as you go through a long journey through the artist’s mind. Much of the songs are traditional plunderphonics with some mallsoft and hard vapour mixed in, some songs are short while others are long but the ultimate message the artist is trying to get across is that he is good at what he does and you should respect him for it.

The overall clarity of the sound is good with no element being off balance; the artist does not go overboard with the sounds nor does he mix in unnecessary gimmicks, in fact he shows restraint with the music allowing his skill and sonic palette to come through to positive effect. First listeners will appreciate the surprises found in the album and strive to recreate the same effects they’ve heard on that album.

If you have the time, listen to this album. Ugandan vaporwave may sound the same but trust me, it feels different.


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