“Cyber Monday” is a release that you’re probably not going to hear about until now. It is 16 short tracks of mostly originally produced vaporwave who’s sounds suggests a world where happiness is fake and depression is real.

The melodies themselves have a certain progression to them that sound natural and coherent, thus giving the album a sense of professionalism it would not otherwise have. The production is classic recognizable Yamaha material, sounding as MIDI as possible but at some times, transcending to provide a sound that isn’t exactly MIDI. The artist does a lot of things to make the atmosphere work from applying excessive distortion and reverb in certain tracks to crafting certain tracks to feel as overproduced and poppy as possible; if there’s one thing the album excels at, it’s the composition/production.

Much of the album is generic and takes too much of its inspiration from its contemporaries like 2814 and Vektroid. Very few risks are taken and oftenly the album plays it safe by not including chopping or crazy changes or even an unexpected surprise, it’s as if the artist is afraid he couldn’t pull it off. In the crowded field, it’s not enough that the compositions are done well and the production is done competently.

While he has a good idea in his head, his album blends in with the thousands of albums that also have the same idea. The album shows promise for the artist and might even be good for a quick listen or two but it’s not memorable and shows that the artist still has a long path ahead of him.


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