forgo††en is a weird album released during a time when classic-style vaporwave was prominent. While it has all of the trappings of vaporwave with its aesthetic and samples, it takes a wildly different turn and ends up firmly in compelling territory.

The trippy vibe is consistent throughout all of the tracks, chopping and interesting tricks (like reversing a track) are frequent while a sense of normalcy is not. It makes for some odd listens the first go around but as you listen further and further, you’ll realize what the artist is intending to do.

Hate and despair are main themes throughout the album. It may not be apparent but the album screams angst and rebellion in the best possible ways by refusing to stick to vaporwave norms and taking radical approaches to a genre based on nostalgia and corporatism. Much of the album skews electronic rather than vaporwave and it’s that grimy electronica that will appeal to the frustrated youth, chris††† takes care to mix in some vaporwave aesthetic into the album which would become his calling card later in his career.

While it may not compare to his more recent albums. forgo††en is one of those albums that is different from the rest; called out for being different but would ultimately succeed because it’s different. This album would lead to albums that would define chris††† not only as an artist, but an essential person to the vaporwave movement.


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