I almost skipped over ICE IN THA VEINS just cause I hadn’t heard of Contact Lens before. My god AM I GLAD that I checked out this Microsoft Word and Kidpix-laced syringe. It makes me feel so happy… this is just nostalgia for my generation and reminds me of my old school which I haven’t been going to for about a year now, it even tinges the papers we had to write in a blue and white stain.

It is some of the smoothest music I’ve ever heard. With a whopping 27 beats on the menu ICE IN THA VEINS is quite a mystical, magical sensation. I myself already enjoy vaporhop such as .CASTING and old-school artists like J Dilla so it makes sense that it caught my eye for repeated listens. (Just saying, expect a review of some .CASTING material in the future.) If you don’t already like smooth samples with funky hip hop beats, you can check out a different album. Anyway, those who do not want to hear this sort of thing might still be able to understand the appeal. Despite this album being an hour long, it’s still incredibly nice to listen to and just zone out. After all though every single track on here could be improved (I don’t know how, but they surely can be.) they all have their own vibes and their own whimsical groove.

ICE IN THA VEINS has its best tracks at the very start from “2 THA DAWN”, unto “U NEED 2 ACT”. This string of songs is just as high quality as records like Donuts and Three Sided Tape One and though they feel plastic, it adds to the charming style Contact Lens utilizes. “ASH” is the point where it starts getting a bit more tired and until “LUXURIOUS” ends the late-2000s vibes it feels somewhat recycled. “GOT THAT ITCH” is what I wish some of the last tracks felt like. However, that might take away from the album to have many of them sound the same. Even “I WANNA DIE” parts 1 and 2 sound different than the last track despite the synths and drums practically being the same. In fact, the only reason it gets tired towards “ASH” is because if you’re listening to it all in one sitting it just feels like it’s gone on too long.

If you want some amazing downtempo lo-fi beats, go ahead and have a spin at ICE IN THA VEINS.


Aspiring experimental musician. Avid listener of 90s IDM, instrumental hip hop, and just about anything plunderphonics.

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2 years ago

i love this album. Its one i was hearing when i first got into vaporwave. Definitely an inspiration!


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