Fluently combining weatherwave inspired beats with those you would find from a call center, 1-900-WEATHER comes together as a perfect fusion of the two and is yet another piece in Cosmic Cycler’s growing amount of success in the past couple of years. Each track feels heavily distinct from the last with its own themes and structures, from the sharp, jazzy brass of Savannah Sun to the distinctly Spanish stringed tunes of Pronostico del tiempo, there’s something of everything within the album.

1-900-WEATHER implements vocal bits expertly, blending them into the music with ease. Each track feels fuzzy and worn out, yet the presence is hard hitting and strongly felt through the emphasis of its percussion and leading instruments, giving a surreal feeling to the album as a whole. The brass, when applied, pierces through the sound of the other instruments and feels simultaneously smooth and sharp at the same time.

The only problem present within 1-900-WEATHER is the noticeable effects created by its low fidelity. Certain tracks, such as the previously mentioned Savannah Sun, can feel too harsh due to the fidelity applied within the track, and especially the brass within Savannah Sun quickly becomes grating from the piercing strength it has from the rest of the track. Overall, 1-900-WEATHER takes old and new themes from both weatherwave and call center centric vapor and manipulates it into a can’t-miss album for fans of both styles.

Cardian Matsu


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