The collective of death’s dynamic shroud.wmv has produced some of the most top-notch, consistent albums out there and “#NUWRLDの気持ち” is one that shows why they stand out from the pack when it comes to vaporwave artists.

The entire album is atmospheric bliss. Every track on this album has its own distinct distance and style with some feeling close and others feeling distant. Thanks to the unique selection of sounds, the album has a wide palette of symphonics and directions that it goes in as the album plays; it’s safe to say that variety is a checkbox that the album checks easily.

Emotions play a very heavy part in the album and you’ll often find yourself playing back certain tracks just trying to understand those certain feelings. Some tracks are upbeat and uplifting while others are somber and reflective, there are even parts of the album where it becomes downright depressing. The feelings are executed well and the fact that they were able to include emotion in a vaporwave album that is done amazingly well is commendable.

The quality of this album is undoubtedly high with mixing and mastering done in the best possible ways. You can hear the contrast between the noise and the reverberated samples and each track lends to itself nicely with themes that are highlighted through multiple listens. Even if you’re not a fan of vaporwave, it’s clear that upon first listen; you can tell that these people do have talent and do care for their work.

“#NUWRLDの気持ち” shows that the death’s dynamic shroud.wmv collective is one of the top artists of all time in vaporwave with their skill in sample selection, manipulating sounds, creating atmosphere and putting the package together. It is without a doubt, you must listen to this.


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