lo-fi hip-hop is generally considered a part of vaporwave even though it’s far away from the ethos of vaporwave. “primavera” is a lo-fi hip-hop beat tape that takes you back to 2004 when Madlib and MF DOOM ruled the streets and everybody wanted to create beats like this.

The variety of samples are amazing, ranging from R&B hits to smooth mellow jazz to anything that can provide a chill mood. The way he chops up the samples are amazing by the way. By knowing which parts are the best and utilizing previously unknown elements, he manages to make something that is familiar but new at the same time. The samples that he chooses are appropriate and well-picked; there are no samples here that flat out destroy the entire record, everything here is perfection.

The drum patterns and bass vary from slow to fast paced and are used in ways that bring out the lush melodies of the tracks. The snares aren’t traditionally hard and the kicks aren’t traditionally deep which makes the entire tape feel interesting and refreshing in addition to the bass which is deeper and more symphonic than you expect. By utilizing variety and by not sticking to norms, eggglub has made something that is the next logical step in not only lo-fi hip-hop, but boom bap as a whole.

The tracks are short but plentiful and the talent he shows is immense. If there was a lo-fi hip-hop tape you’d want to buy, this would be it. And we’re not even started with 2018 yet.


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