(SEASON_0) Hazard Garden is an album that’s part drums and bass, part ambience and part noise. The title suggests that it’s the first of a season and the track titles are named in an episodic format suggesting a sound that progresses as the album plays to its conclusion. Vaporwave allows for experimentation beyond no one’s business so to see this type of format being used is to say the least, interesting…

At first, the songs sound traditional with a format and a progression that sounds natural and coherent. The sounds don’t clutter up and in fact mesh with each other perfectly at many opportune times, the songs early on can be considered a mixture of vaportrap and ambient music with it’s excellent production values and sense of scale but of course this is just an appetizer to what lies ahead.

Track after track it seems like the music maker keeps forgetting how to make a coherent song, taking elements and chopping them up like no ones business. The result is an incoherent but beautiful mess that makes you question music and structure as a whole. The music at the end becomes very chaotic, often clashing bringing an epic feel that’s more reserved for a 2814 album. While it initially will not make sense, you eventually realize that the whole thing is designed as a “peace becomes conflict” story. One where the initial message is muddy but still clear enough for you to see.

The album is an example of something that plays it safe but ultimately takes a lot of risks by the end. The regular listener will only look for the familiar structure dismissing everything else as rubbish, therefore it’ll only appeal to the most courageous of music listeners/vaporwave lovers who are tired of the same old thing and want something new and exciting. Even then, the music here is far beyond what can currently be judged and as a result, it’s a forward-thinking album that much more people will respect as people move on from the current trends of music. This right here is the future of music.


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