When it comes to futurefunk, Pop Up! is one of the top dogs alongside SAINT PEPSI and whenever an album comes out, it often gets high praise. “Tasty” is another one of those albums in the long line of the still ongoing successful run of Pop Up!

Infectious vibes cover every square mile as funk samples get mixed in with modern electric production in a dazzling array of styles. The fast-paced songs jumble around deep bass lines and plundered samples in a very infectious way while the slower-paced songs manage to describe a deeper meaning and put in feeling to the album. The top-notch drum programming and the usage of effects are done in a way that makes the music feel addictive and enlightening. Compared to this, many futurefunk albums miss the mark when it comes to the feeling of the sound.

Variety is everywhere as many songs switch up samples, beat-patterns and even genres; giving fans a experience that’s fun as well as unexpected. Very few moments are repetitive and the repetitive parts never get in the way of the album, often serving to give people extended time to dance their minds out. No songs feel out of place, no track is weak and the entire album succeeds as a way to experience a night at the disco with it’s consistency and quality.

Though you may be disappointed by the lack of real-life discos. Pop Up!’s “Tasty” is one of the few albums showing that futurefunk can still manage to be a fun enjoyable experience. It’s template of style-switches, variety and consistency will forever be a blueprint for futurefunk producers new and old, and for the genre itself.


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