Marble Girls is an album that recreates the sounds of the 90s where mellow pads and 12 string guitars seemed to be the norm. It’s one of the few classic-style vaporwave albums that isn’t lo-fi distorted or predominantly based on slowed and pitched down 80s samples, more so it’s an album that takes the source material and turns it into a nostalgic trip into an era that was promised but never really came.

The album and tracks are short with 11 of them in total ranging on average 1 minute each but each of them serves as a chilling and mellow snapshot into the past. It puts you in the mood relatively easy and allows your mind to just drift away without a care in the world, venturing through many 90s soundscapes that seem common but are actually what you expected the 90s to be like. Influences like R&B, Smooth Jazz, Adult Contemporary and Slow Jams are evident throughout and the artist does a good job at capturing the essence of every single genre listed here.

It’s amazing how an artist is able to capture the essence of classic-style vaporwave and make it his or her own in an era where classic-style doesn’t have much of an impact. This is some pretty cool stuff that was unfortunately released during a time where vaporwave artists were taking it to a whole other level; many people will pass by this as if it didn’t mean anything but for the few who do pass upon this, listen to it and you’ll realize there’s still some steam left in classic-style vaporwave.


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