“Swing Tournament” is an album that takes you back to the year of 1995 when Windows 95 was hot and golf games were all the rage. While golf may not hold as much wonder as it did before, this album through the magic of vaporwave aims to make golf exciting and fun again.

The theme here is carried along all of it’s 12 tracks as you venture through a virtual golf course that will instill memories of when you had a copy of a golf (or mini-golf) game and played it because you were ultimately captivated by the world of golf. Comprising of upbeat tunes, flute usage and retro synths, the album creates a sound that’s retro but futuristic at the same time. Never is there a dull moment nor something that takes you out of the experience; everything here is oddly perfect.

Much of it is composed in a way that’s generic but stands out at the same time, It’s almost as if you were listening to video game music/sports music but with a twist. It helps to paint the image of the game of which the listener is playing with it’s unique courses and crazy twists. The artist is even bold enough to switch up styles with tracks like “Aztec Arena” and “Kamakura Fanfare” mixing in elements such as foreign percussion and pianos thus making the album feel more authentic to the ears of the listener.

From start to finish, “Swing Tournament” is an album that’s destined for success. With its unique concept and soundscapes, it stands out from a crowded field of other vaporwave releases and feels fresh and exciting to listen to. If you ever needed something to take your mind off things well… Play a game of US Golf 95’s “Swing Tournament”, it’ll help.


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I can’t say that I agree with every review or article here on vapourban, but I can say that this one is spot on. I picked up the Swing Tournament cassette on release and have listened to Kamakura Fanfare almost every day, it’s not just ear candy–it’s ear crack. If you’re on the fence about buying this album PLEASE do everyone a favor and support the artist because I can’t wait for the next US Golf 95 release.